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Who we are

Spree.Solutions is a Phoenix based web development company provides ecommerce website design and development services.

We have 8 years experience as professional marketers, web designers and web developers. We know exactly your needs and you will have the tools to maximize the profits of your internet business. We can build you a new marketing tool that will make your competitors jealous.

Do you want to start-up a website or improve your existing website for your business? Contact us! We can have a working prototype of your new website in 1 or 2 days at NO CHARGE!

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We are Spree.Solutions because:

  • We are passionate about and thoroughly enjoy our work and strive to create a unique project for each individual customer.
  • Our clients have 100% positive experience through working with us.
  • We adore Ruby on Rails and we are contributors of Spree.Commerce – the world's best ecommerce project based on RoR.

The Spree Solutions mission is to provide inexpensive and productive solutions for SME's to start/improve their business online. Our technologies are unique to the world-wide market. Our solutions have been chosen by many well-known companies, including GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. We are a small family owned and operated business, and our key benefit is our flexible and custom-oriented approach.

SMEs have many barriers to starting their e-commerce businesses. Among them are the high cost of web development, not enough skilled stuff, no internal IT system, customers/partners are not ready, security and legal issues.

We offer an alternative way – SPREE SOLUTIONS! It is a real SME's e-commerce solution.


We're Hiring!

At Spree Solutions, we're on a mission to empower the world's sellers through cutting-edge solutions that deliver stability, flexibility, and - above all - peace of mind.
We believe in running lean, maximizing the quality of our people, and trusting each other with broad responsibility, as we continue to build out the technology that's powering the next generation of ecommerce.

Senior Ruby+Full Stack Engineer

The ideal candidate must be creative in order to design each piece of our application and plan how each piece will work together. Candidates must have several years of Ruby experience and familiarity with automated testing tools such as RSpec. Previous experience working together with a remote team is a plus.

Junior Web Developer / Support Engineer

Our ideal candidate would be comfortable starting in a support role, helping to manage incoming client requests for CSS tweaks, content management system configuration, and other miscellaneous development tasks. We’re looking for someone who is capable, adaptable, and likes working on a variety of different projects and constantly updating their toolkit.

Marketing Director

Opportunity for Marketing Director to use your creativity and expertise to promote our E-Commerce solutions for SMEs. We are looking for a dynamic individual with a proven marketing background who is creative and results driven with strong analytical skills to dissect marketing efforts and measure effectiveness.

Sales Superstar

Don’t even call unless you are a truly awesome salesperson. You must have a burning desire to succeed, are extremely client oriented, committed to ethics, highly motivated, and never say die. Even if you are unemployed right now, but feel like the star of sales - contact us.


What you get when you choose us


We are on your side, the result you see will undoubtedly
be positive.


Only when you are completely satisfied with your new income tool, is payment made.


You will experience the best warranty in the industry, should any issues arise.


Our desire is for you to make as much profit as possible, as all of our clients will attest to.


All technologies used on your web project have been already tested with great success and satisfaction of our clients. We have had over 8 years experience of consistent, successful marketing in other businesses. We always have the right and positive attitude towards helping you find a need and supplying it.
There is no substitute for good design. The design of your website must be smart, fresh, adaptive and progressive while following the most recent global trends to make the most user-friendly experience for anyone searching or visiting.
We believe that web development must be inexpensive. That's why we chose Ruby On Rails. This is the most safest, productive, consistent and flexible framework in the industry. We are proud to be a part of the RoR project. We have been blessed enough to be contributors to the Spree Commerce project based on RoR.
Before the start of development, we pay special attention to the issues of your promotion, even after drafting a media blitz plan we will be there to assist you. We collect information that will help to choose the type and structure of the site. This is the only way to make successful, targeted traffic magnet.

Our secret of successful websites

5P Web Development Technology



Without preparation of a client's business there will be no success. Your website should be unique to your business only. What works for other websites, may not work for yours. This is why we do not use a “template” for creation of each website. This is why we strive to understand each client's business needs. This is the more productive use of your time, which, in the end, saves you more money and increases your profit.



Want to see your website without spending a penny? We create an interactive prototype / clickable model for our clients at no charge. It is almost a working website. You can click the buttons, use the menus and go to different pages, but it will have minimal design. At this stage we simulate the behavior of users and define the functions of the interface.



We develop productive and stable websites, based on the most progressive framework in the world - Ruby On Rails. The products based on RoR are smart, friendly, safe and very flexible. When your business grows, your website grows with you. We are always there and technically ready to update or upgrade any changes without making a new website.



Promotion and marketing are intergral to the success of your website and thus, is a very significant part of project's budget. This is why we preplan the promotion strategy at the very beginning of our conversations.



Our clients and their projects are the essence of our team's life. We have developed documentation that gives the customer a maximum of rights and opportunities. We have developed a comfortable and friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to quickly, transparently and efficiently track your progress. We are 24/7 service company, we are always online. Your websites are under constant protection and monitoring to guaranteed up-time of 99.7%. We believe that SPREE.SOLUTIONS will become a synonym of trust and quality for your business.

Successful launch

We know your fears

Skeletons in the closet of other web studios

Unpredictable results

Unfortunately, we often have to correct the mistakes of our "colleagues". Many people have lost faith in the internet due to those mistakes. The culprits can be freelancers but also very large agencies that have lost the personal touch with their clients.

A guaranteed positive experience

You get an interactive prototype of your website without spending a penny. You are able to check the competence of our Account Managers simply by working with them on your prototype. Our unique flexible stage payment process allows you to pay as you approve each stage of your complete working website. With the final payment made only after you are fully satisfied.


Many studios have the same issue. After they get a new client – they soon lose interest in the client's specific needs, especially after receipt of deposit payment. These are direct consequences of the conversion approach. You want to convert their work for less money, and they want to convert their minimum work for more money.

Personal approach

Most of our new clients become regular, repeat clients, because they see the value of the personal touch that we give to each project. Only when we are 100% sure that we are able to help a client create a profitable business on the internet, do we enter into a contract. In keeping with the utmost of integrity and consistency, we only take on projects that we truly believe in and for those that meet our requirements. Otherwise, we will redirect the project to our partners.

Violation of contracts

Rise in price of the project, hidden payments, missed deadlines, incomplete or poor quality work, the communication loss with the contractor - all these issues have become almost the norm in the IT industry. In other words, a total lack of responsibility! It is a crime to breach the contract and it happens at the freelance market frequently. Few performers fully realize their liability and the amount of potential losses to the client.

Full monitoring and responsibility

Quality, full final price, schedule and completeness are fixed into the contract. Also the benefit of an approved clickable model. After the initial prototype, you may consult with other sources to confirm the benefits of our product quality, technology and pricing. The code base from the first day on, is open to the client in our git repository. CRM CONNECTICUS is convenient environment for communicating needs, monitoring their performance.



Simple website

$ 350 00
  • Clickable model  at no charge
  • Fresh new design
  • Convenient CMS based on RoR
  • Domain name registration
  • 8 months support
  • Estimated time 3-7 days
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Landing page

$ 490 00
  • Clickable model  at no charge
  • Advanced marketing design
  •  4U-header creation
  • Convenient CMS based on RoR
  • Domain name registration
  • 10 months support
  • Estimated time 7-10 days
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Spree E-commerce cloud

$ 1333 00
  • E-commerce  solution
  • Convenient  store-front-end
  • Friendly store back-end
  • Spree Landing
  • Payment, Accounting,  ERP,  Stock,  Warehouse,  Delivery
  • 55+ integrated services
  • 12 months support
  • Estimated time 35-50 days
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Spree Enterprise

$ 1799 00
  • E-commerce+ERP for enterprises
  • Convenient Store-frontend
  • Unique Spree  Data  Exchange  integration
  • High security standards
  • Payment, Accounting,  ERP,  Stock,  Warehouse,  Delivery
  • 55+ integrated services
  • Spree  Landing
  • 24 months support
  • Estimated time 40-60 days
  • Get started now


THAT everything will be fine?

Our personalized service combined with our unique no-charge prototyping, sets us apart from all other studios. After discussing your personal project needs, we will create a clickable model of the website, that shows functions and structure of the project. This allows you to look at your brand new website before starting and provides all the features.

After looking at our company with our consistent, proven quality record and superior services that we offer, the choice is obvious. If you want to improve or create the best website for your individual business and set apart from all other competitors, the choice is obvious.

Start now and get an interactive prototype of your future website for free!

Your personal data is completely protected. No spam, we promise.



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